Ways You May Be Setting Your Back Up for Injury

Back Surgery Fort Worth, TXSince we’re coming into the holidays and all the fun stuff they entail, the last thing you want is to strain your back and have to sit out the festivities. That “sitting” will be anything but sitting because you’ll likely be flat on your back on the couch, afraid to move.

At DFW Center for Spinal Disorders we deal with back injuries every day, but we still don’t like to see them. So, here are a few things to look out for because they’re likely going to give you that feeling of intense instant pain that is a back injury.

Not Focusing When Doing Things

OK, so we may not have to do a ton of snow shoveling in Dallas at this time of year. But we do have our share of leaf raking and grass mowing. So you fill up that huge lawn waste bag with leaves, but they’re dry so it’s not heavy. You pick up the bag and stretch your arms out over the garbage can and feel that strain.

You just weren’t paying attention. The bag of leaves would have been a piece of cake if you gave it a little respect, bent your knees, kept the bag close to you when elevating it, etc. You can strain your back bending over to put dishes in the dishwasher or washing your face in the sink…if you’re not paying any attention.

Mr. Jock, Weekend Version

You haven’t played basketball in three years, but now you’re going to play three games at full speed? OK. Hope you’re ready to be on the couch the next few days. Without any preparation, many people hurt their back by simply going too hard. You may get away with that at 20, but not 50. Do some exercises that mimic the sport or activity you’re going to do leading up to the actual event. And then maybe one game, not three.


Whether it’s in the car on the 635, sitting in your chair in your office, sitting on the couch binge watching The Amazing Miss Maisel, do you see the common thread? Sitting. We sit a lot these days.

Our backs have the discs to cushion the vertebrae and allow all sorts of cool movements. But the discs don’t have the best distribution method to get the blood they need. When you move about, your spine moves and fluid can circulate through the discs. But when you sit, and sit, and then sit some more, the fluid doesn’t move around, so you’re basically depriving your discs of nutrition.

Too much sitting without breaks can actually cause long-term damage. So, get up and move at least once every 20 minutes, unless you’re driving. Try not to bend forward while sitting. Keep your spine straight. Get a better chair that supports your back. It should have a lumbar support. If it doesn’t roll up a towel and place it behind your lower back.

Paying attention, doing some regular exercises for your back (we gave you a bunch a couple months back in our blog), not overdoing it, and limiting your sitting can help keep your back in the game. Of course, if something happened and your back is now a source of ongoing torture, you need to call the experts at DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, (817) 916-4685. One of our eight locations is sure to be near you, and we can help.

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