Getting Started

Patient Checklist

Before surgery

  • Stop smoking
  • Remove hazards at home and put items within reach
  • Stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen (or any non-steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs) several days before surgery
  • Don’t eat or drink after midnight prior to surgery

After surgery

  • Take your pain medication as directed
  • Follow physical rehabilitation plan as prescribed
  • Do not drive until your surgeon approves
  • Schedule your post-operative exam

Long-term recovery

  • Ask your surgeon about resuming work and other activities
  • Attend follow-up exams following your rehabilitation program as recommended by your surgeon

When should I call my surgeon?

You should call your surgeon if you notice any of the following:

  • Increased back or leg pain, numbness, tingling or weakness that does not decrease with rest
  • Swelling in your legs
  • Increased pain, redness or drainage from your incision
  • Fever
  • Chest pain

* Always follow the instructions from your physician