What’s Behind Your Chronic Back Pain?

brunette woman massaging her neck in a bedroomBack pain. Sooner or later, everybody has some. It may be a dull ache. I may be sharp or stabbing pain. When a person has chronic back pain, it can seem as if you’re constantly in some degree of pain.

People often assume their back pain is due to an incident. They slipped during a Fort Worth ice storm, for instance. Others think they are saddled with a “bad back.”

Truth be told, most chronic back pain is caused by underlying conditions. Sure, your less that idyllic golf swing can trigger pain, but those events aren’t usually the root cause.

Since Dr. Tinley helps our DFW Center for Spinal Disorders works through their chronic back pain, let’s spend these two almost springy March blogs on chronic back pain.

How common is chronic back pain?

Research shows that 80 percent of Americans will experience some sort of back pain in their lives. One tenth of that group — eight percent of the total population — has chronic back pain.

What are the symptoms of chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain symptoms typically come on gradually and are long lasting. Chronic means the pain is with you for more than six weeks. Chronic back pain is different from acute back pain, and it won’t go away without medical treatment.

Acute back pain, which usually comes on suddenly and goes away within two to six weeks, can be due to an event such as lifting a box the wrong way. That’s not the case with chronic back pain.

What are the causes of chronic back pain?

As mentioned above, chronic back pain isn’t a one-time event that you can point to as the cause. This pain is due to underlying conditions. Here are five of the most common of those. We’ll finish out this blog and continue the list in March’s second blog.

  1. Muscle deconditioning — Muscle atrophy is one of the most common causes of chronic back pain. Muscle deconditioning happens when your back muscles lack the strength and stability to support you properly, leading to wear and tear over time.Lack of physical activity is the biggest contributor here. Not only are we too sedentary these days, but sometimes if you do have an injury that causes acute pain you then become more sedentary, which exacerbates the problem.When your muscles become weak, they can no longer support the ligaments and vertebrae as they normally would.

OK, that’s the first common cause of chronic back pain. In March’s second blog, we’ll cover the remaining top five reasons for your chronic back pain. Until then, if you’re dealing with said pain, call Dr. Tinley at (817) 916-4685 to schedule an appointment.

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