Some Myths About Back Pain

back pain fort worth | spine surgery txBack pain is so common — over 80 percent of us will have back pain at some point — there are myths that have arisen about causes and cures. Since we’re all about the spine at DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, we’ll put some of these out there to dispel the misinformation.

See if these sound familiar.

  • Always sit up straight — While your Mom may have told you this endlessly as a kid, sitting up too straight actually can strain your back. The key, if you’re a desk jockey, is to take breaks by standing and moving or to lean back in your chair with your feet on the floor and curve your back slightly.
  • Stay in bed for that bad back — People think they should lie in bed for days after hurting their back. Wrong. This only weakens things and makes it worse.
  • Exercise is bad for back pain — Nope. While you should avoid some stretching and stuff that exacerbates the immediate pain, exercise is the key to a quicker recovery and less future back pain.
  • Don’t lift heavy stuff — While not many people should really volunteer to help their cousin move a refrigerator, it’s not the amount of weight that’s the problem, it’s how you lift it. Face the object straight on, squat down close to it with your back straight and head up. Stand up using your legs and don’t twist. But tell that cousin to hire someone.
  • More weight = more back pain — This is generally true. In a physics sense, the more weight you’re carrying, particularly if that weight is mostly held in your stomach area, the more strain you’re putting on your back. Equally important is exercise. Many back injuries happen to people who haven’t done anything but suddenly engage fully (like a Turkey Bowl football game).
  • The firmer not the better — This is a long-standing myth: a firmer mattress is better for your back. For those with ongoing back pain, studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses are better than firm mattresses for helping lessen that pain.

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