More About that Chronic Back Pain of Yours

woman with waist ache while sitting at workplace at homeIn March’s first blog we got into that aching back of yours. Not the time when you strained a muscle moving the refrigerator and torqued your back. This was about chronic ongoing pain that lasts longer than six weeks. We talked numbers and symptoms, and we detailed the first of the five most common causes of chronic back pain.

In this second DFW Center for Spinal Disorders March blog, here are the other four.

  1. Improper posture or body mechanics — Bad habits can stress your spine and strain the soft tissue surrounding it. And over time, this repeated stress can break down the structural components of the spine.If you must do a lot of lifting or repetitive movements at work, proper mechanics are key to preventing chronic back pain. If you’re a desk jockey, long periods of sitting can cause your hip flexors to tighten. This can cause your hips and hamstrings to weaken, leading to lower back pain.
  1. Genetics and aging — As we get older, our bodies change. Aches and pains can become a common thing. We lose muscle strength and the disc space between our vertebrae shrinks.
  1. Traumatic events — A traumatic injury creates instant acute back pain, but these injuries often lead to chronic pain down the road. First, they can speed up the aging process on the spine. Second, by avoiding certain movements and activity, you’re creating more of the muscle weakness we detailed in the first cause of chronic back pain in March’s first blog.
  1. Overuse and repetition of everyday activities — Every day, the little things we do can have a big impact on the amount of stress we put on our bodies. Here are a few examples:
    • Driving or sitting for long periods of time
    • Repetitive motion activities such as walking, bending over, exercising, or typing
    • Lifting both small and heavy objects (including children)
    • Sleeping in an odd position or on an old unsupportive mattress

Are you dealing with chronic back pain every day? This isn’t something you need to grin and bear. Dr. Tinley can treat the underlying causes of your chronic back pain and get you back to feeling good again. Give us a call at DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, (817) 916-4685, to schedule an appointment.

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