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When Injections Are the Way to Go

Surgery to relieve chronic back pain should always be the last treatment option. But sometimes physical therapy, changes in lifestyle, or ongoing use of oral pain medication isn’t working. In these cases, lumbar epidural injections may be effective.  Injections can provide longer lasting relief from pain and inflammation than oral medications, and they don’t have […]

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More About Your Pinched Nerves

In October’s first blog we discussed some of the basics of pinched/compressed nerves. When pressure is placed on the nerve roots exiting the spinal column, pain can be immediate, or it can develop slowly with continued compression. Over time, if not addressed, compressed nerves can actually die, and the patient can lose function in the […]

When You Pinch a Nerve

You often hear someone talk about “pinching a nerve.” But pinched nerves are really compressed nerves. Nerves become pinched/compressed when pressure is applied to them by the surrounding tissues, such as bones, cartilage, discs, muscles, tendons, or bone spurs. This pressure disrupts the function of the nerve and can produce pain in the local area […]

Did You Pinch a Nerve for St. Patrick’s Day?

On St. Patrick’s Day last month everyone goes around pinching those who had the temerity to not don green attire. At least they can’t pinch a nerve. What is a pinched nerve anyway? Can you actually pinch one? Let’s get into that in this April blog. What is a pinched nerve? A pinched nerve is […]

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