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How Successful Are Microdiscectomies?

Microdiscectomies are widely performed and very successful surgeries. They are most often used for herniated discs that are creating sciatica and leg pain in the patient. But sometimes a patient will see us at DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, and he or she will already have had a microdiscectomy and now the pain has returned.  […]

Which is Better? Fusion or Artificial Disc Replacement?

At DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, when patients have tried conservative approaches for their back pain for six months or longer to no avail, the next option is often surgery. This is especially true if their back pain is making simple everyday activities an exercise in torture. People need to be able to live.  Patients […]

Herniated Discs and Back Pain

In this month’s first blog we discussed those little squishy wonders of your spine, your spinal discs. They allow us to move without our vertebrae scraping against each other. Helpful. However, when our discs get stressed the wrong way, such as when you awkwardly lift a very heavy object, the pressure on the disc can […]

Those Built-In Cushions of Your Spine

Our spine and its 24 vertebrae (not including the sacrum and coccyx) couldn’t do much without the cushioning provided by the spinal discs. These soft discs allow the vertebrae to move and the spine to bend without having bone grind on bone. But the spinal discs can also cause serious problems when they herniate and […]

Can You Replace a Damaged Disc?

When a spinal disc pushes out beyond its normal parameters the outer membrane can crack. This is called a herniated disc and the inner gel-like material can push outward and impact nearby spinal nerve roots. This leads to back pain and pain that often radiates down into your legs and buttocks. There is no way […]


Lower back pain can be due to muscle strains. In those cases, rest will usually eventually eliminate the pain and get you back to full function. But other times, the pain is due to a nerve being compressed or otherwise pushed upon as it’s leaving the area of the spinal cord. In these cases, the […]

Understanding Herniated Discs

At the DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, we’re all about your back and the issues surrounding it. There is a fair amount of misunderstanding about the different problems that can occur with the spine. A herniated disc is one of those areas that aren’t really understood. But since we like our patients to know as […]

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