Posts From December, 2021

A woman putting gel pack on neck on white background

Sciatica Isn’t a Prison Riot

If you’ve ever seen Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, the scene where he chants “Attica” over and over in reference to the famous 1971 prison riot is unforgettable. But when it comes to unforgettable back and leg pain, you could want to chant, “Sci-Attica.” Sciatica involves inflammation of the sciatic nerve, and it is a […]

a man touching his lower back at pain point

Fractures in Your Mid and Lower Back

A few months back, our blog addressed a broken neck, less dramatically known as a fractured vertebra in the cervical spine, the seven vertebrae that make up our neck. Just so we don’t overlook the 17 other vertebrae that make up our spine, this month let’s get into fractures of the thoracic or lumbar spine. […]

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