Neck and Lower Back Pain

Back Pain, neck pain and symptoms caused by a spinal condition are a common problem for many adult Americans. These important symptoms could signal nerve damage or other serious medical problems. An early and accurate diagnosis is vital for successful treatment.

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Spinal Stenosis

Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal or the foramen, the opening through which nerve roots pass. Degenerative changes in the spine, a collapsed disc, bone spurs, or cysts can cause the spinal canal to narrow, often resulting in pain.

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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) is a general term used to describe a variety of surgical techniques which involve making smaller incisions and reducing the amount of tissue damage beneath the skin.

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Dr. Neil D. Shah

Board-Certified Spine Surgeon

Neil Dilip Shah, MD is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Fellowship-Trained Spine Surgery. Dr. Shah brings a conservative approach to low back and neck pain while also offering the most current minimally invasive surgical techniques when a procedure is indicated. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life for his patients through a multi-disciplinary approach customized to the specific needs of each individual.

Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Dr. Neil Shah followed his mother’s footsteps in the desire to care for people. Dr. Shah attended Texas A&M University College of Medicine where he finished his undergraduate and medical school studies in a remarkable 6 years. He performed his residency at the Fort Worth Affiliated Hospitals Orthopaedic Residency Program. It was during his rotations in residency that Dr. Shah found his passion for restoration of the human spine. Dr. Shah was accepted to the prestigious Stanford University Orthopaedic Spine Surgery Fellowship for his sub-specialization. Prior to being recruited to join the DFW Center for Spinal Disorders, Dr. Shah had a successful spine practice in Houston, Texas. Throughout his career, Dr. Shah has presented numerous research presentations on the multiple treatments available to limit surgery and maximize successful outcomes.

Dr. Shah is meticulous in his desire to provide the least invasive treatment options. He does not rely on surgery but understands that in some cases it becomes the necessity for spinal restoration. In such situations, Dr. Shah wants to provide the quickest recovery through the use of the latest and most minimally invasive technology. He is well trained in all spinal procedures (cervical, thoracic and lumbar) including scoliosis and deformity surgeries.


  • Undergraduate: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
  • Medical: Texas A&M College of Medicine, College Station, TX


  • Orthopaedic Surgery Residency: Fort Worth Affiliated Hospitals, Fort Worth, TX
  • Spine Fellowship: Stanford University, Redwood City, CA

Professional Affiliations

  • North American Spine Society
  • International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • American Medical Association
  • Texas Medical Association

Hospital Affiliations

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Dr. Shah

Neil D. Shah, MD

Dr. Shah specializes in the treatment of a variety of spinal conditions and performs several spine procedures including:

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
  • Motion Preservation and Functional Restoration
  • Cervical and Lumbar Degenerative Disorders
  • Scoliosis and Deformity Corrections
  • Cervical and Lumbar
    Disc Replacement